Principal Investigator - Brett Q. Ford

Brett is an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Toronto and the director of the Affective Science & Health Laboratory. She completed her doctoral training in social-personality from the University of California, Berkeley after receiving her B.A. in psychology and M.A. in social-personality psychology from Boston College.

Brett’s research examines how individuals think about and manage their emotions. Her research uses multi-method and interdisciplinary approaches — including experiential, behavioural, and physiological assessments — to examine the structure of emotion beliefs and emotion regulation strategies, the cultural, biological, and psychological factors that shape these beliefs and strategies, and the implications of these beliefs and strategies for health and well-being.

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Curriculum Vita

Graduate Students


Arasteh Gatchpazian

Arasteh is a masters student in Social/Personality psychology at the University of Toronto. Her primary research interests focus on emotion regulation and how it is related to well-being, beliefs about emotions, decision-making, and behaviour. She is also interested in emotion regulation and its role in the context of relationships (e.g., extrinsic emotion regulation). Arasteh is keen on pursuing these research interests in graduate school.

Email: arasteh.gatchpazian[at]

Angela Smith

Angela Smith

Angela is a masters student in Social/Personality psychology at the University of Toronto. She is a recent graduate from Stanford University, earning her BA with Honors and Distinction in Psychology. Her research interests include the ways in which emotion and emotion regulation are influenced by socioeconomic and cultural factors, and how that in turn influences physical and psychological health. Additionally, she is interested in the role that emotion regulation plays in the contexts of politics and social justice. When not in the lab, Angela loves hiking, reading, finding new coffee shops, plus trying her hand at amateur comedy (or more often, just watching the professionals at work)! 

Email: amoriah.smith[at]

Undergraduate and post-graduate Researchers

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Angela Wang

Angela earned her HBSc in Psychology and is pursuing her Master’s of Social Work degree at the University of Toronto. She completed undergraduate thesis studies, supervised by Dr. Brett Ford, which explored how people’s beliefs about emotions influence emotion regulation choices and how various psychological health outcomes are affected by these choices. She is excited to explore how emotion regulation can inform practice, as well as to identify effective means of promoting eudaimonic well-being and resilience. Apart from research, Angela enjoys playing board games and online games, travelling, and drinking tea.


Lab Alumni

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Veerpal Bambrah

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Wenyi Luo